Welcome to ACES!

We are dedicated to providing the information and support you need to make your cultural exchange experience a success. To assist in the most organized of ways, we have provided for you information and links that you may need in stages.

STAGE ONE INFORMATION: If you are thinking about pursuing employment with a US employer or have already secured employment, please read through the program information.  After reading the information carefully, complete an application and a sponsor representative will review your application and contact you.  For your convenience, we have also supplied you with all of the links to documents you will need in your application as well as other helpful sites.

Program Information:

ACES facilitates cultural exchange through the camp counselor and the summer work and travel programs. ACES concentrates all summer placements in summer camps.  Summer camp placements secured through CampStaffUSA

Winter SWT Required Supporting Documentation:

Additionally Required for Sponsorship Consideration outside of US Summer Camps: 

STAGE TWO INFORMATION: Once you have received your forms DS2019, indicating you have been approved for J1 sponsorship, you will need to take the next step in applying for your visa at the US embassy nearest you.  The information supplied here will assist you in the process. 

STAGE THREE INFORMATION: If you have been approved your J1 visa, the next step is the be sure that you are fully prepared for your experience. The J1 Pre-Departure Orientation Booklet has been provided here for your convenience. Your recruiter or your sponsor representative will make sure that you have all of the information you need to be ready for your US adventure. Be sure to double check your employment dates and camp arrival expectations with your recruiter or your sponsor before booking your flights.

Department of State Welcome Letters and Program Brochure: 

STAGE FOUR INFORMATION: As indicated in your Pre-Departure Orientation, you must keep your sponsor informed of your arrival, any changes in housing or accommodation (even in building name or number), and any changes in employment status with your current employer. You MUST check in and you MUST readily respond to any sponsor communication within 5 days of receipt or you may risk visa termination by your sponsor. 


Travel Verification:

Other Useful Links and Information: