ACES works in cooperation with only select international recruiting agents. If you are interested in working with ACES, contact us through our website form or an e-mail to [email protected]. We will contact you to discuss your recruiting processes and sources and to explain in more detail our procedures and expectations to ensure that there is a good working arrangement.

Employment Options

ACES works with employers in a variety of businesses and in a variety of areas.

US Winter Opportunities: Applicants from the southern hemisphere wanting to take part in the summer work travel program have choices in their employment and location. Many employers assist with housing locations and arrangements. Details vary with individual job offers.

US Summer Opportunities: In the summer, ACES works primarily with US summer camps which provides added security and benefits for participants.

  • Low upfront costs for participation.
  • Room and board provided as part of participant compensation.
  • Medical staff on hand at most camp locations.
  • Work with highly skilled Camp Directors.
  • Variety of camp counselor and camp support staff roles.

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