Remember to check in and update your sponsor regularly!

Initial Check In

ACES requires all participants to complete in initial check in within 5 days of arrival to validate your visa and to update your US address in the SEVIS system. You cannot apply for a social security number until your visa has been validated and your status has been updated.

Bi-Weekly Updates

Bi-Weekly Updates are required the 1st and 15th of each month throughout the duration of your program. The Bi-Weekly update link can also be used to report any changes in travel, US address or employment at any time.

Request for Secondary Employment Approval

Participants interested in securing secondary employment must contact ACES for employer vetting and approval prior to accepting or beginning work in any position.

Participants or Employers must provide a Seasonality Survey (called the Employment and Work Site Eligibility) and Employer/Employee Agreement (called Employment Agreement)

SWT Employer Eligibility Survey 2017-2018

SWT Employment Agreement Form 2017-2018

Note that employment cannot be accepted or begun until approval is obtained.  Accepting or beginning unapproved employment will result in visa termination.

ACES will continue to communicate with participants via email through the program. Participants without email access must call ACES to arrange alternate communication.