For Participant consideration in general employment placement.

Step 1.  Please combine the Document Coverpage/Checklist, the CV template, the interview notes and 2 professional references in that order into a single pdf labeled as LastName_FirstName_AgencyName_Year.pdf. This is the CV packet. You will send these packets to the designated representative who are facilitating placements in specific jobs.

Step 2: Employers will interview or may ask for additional information.

Step 3: Job offer is made and accepted, THEN apply for sponsorship with all supporting documentation attached to the CV packet as a final document labeled in the same manner.

Participant supporting documentation (suggested to use ours but is optional if you have other formats)

Here is the process outline for the first 3 stages:

Process Outline:

Stage 1: Submit CV packets to the designated representative with note of which job they are interested in applying for:

  • Document Coverpage
  • CV/Resume (with dates of availability clearly listed):
  • Interview Notes:
  • 2 signed, written & verifiable references or 1 reference from returning employer if self-placed (some employers will want 3)

Stage 2: Information is shared with employers. The following may occur:

  • Employers may request additional information
  • Employers may schedule interview
  • Employers will make hiring decision and offered employment (or not)

Stage 3: (After accepting employment)

  1. Apply for sponsorship. or  Required documentation must be scanned to a single pdf and saved for upload into the application as LastName_FirstName_RecruitingAgent_Year.pdf
    1. Full CV packet
    2. Passport Bio Page
    3. Student status
    4. Police background
    5. Employment Agreement/Contract
    6. Health Screening (some employers require this)
    7. Lease Agreement (if applicable)Agreement to program terms and conditions
  2. Pay program fees

 Sample Employment Agreement Form: