Summer Work Travel

The Summer Work Travel program permits foreign nationals who are currently post secondary students or recent graduates from post secondary institutions, the opportunity to live and work in the US during their university’s summer break. ACES works with many US employers who welcome international student employees. Participants can choose to accept job placements facilitated by ACES, can work at a location that has been self-arranged or can choose to arrive at a favorite given location and to find employment upon arrival.

Dates of Participation:

Students are only permitted to participate during their university ‘s official summer break within the home country’s established dates, whichever is most restrictive.  SWT Program Dates 2015.

Job Placement:

Most participants choose to take part in the job placement option of the program. In applying for this option, a participant is applying for visa sponsorship based on a job placement. Employment details are supplied to the participant for approval prior to securing a match. Employers and landlords rely on our participants and our agreements, therefore once an agreement is made, the participant is committing to the employment and lodging arrangements and visa sponsorship is based on that commitment. Should conflicts arise in the employment or lodging arrangements, participants are to contact ACES immediately. A representative will assist in resolving any conflicts. In this option, the participant pays a small “placement” fee to cover the job and housing security in addition to the sponsorship fee.

Job Placement Application

Self-Placed Employment:

Some participants have been to the United States before or have friends who have traveled previously on the program and secure employment and housing prior to departing for the United States. In this option, the participant simply needs to have this employment and housing approved by an ACES representative prior to their departure of their home country. In this option, the participant pays a small “employer vetting” fee to cover the vetting and approval of the employer and employment position.

J1 Summer Work Travel Sponsorship Application

Non-Placed Employment:

There are times when participants who have been to the states before, or who have friends or family in the states, choose to participate in the “non-placed’ option. In this case, a participant chooses to arrive in the United States and to search for a job based on a desired location. In most cases, the participant plans to lodge with friends or family as they search for employment in that location. Participants must be from visa waiver countries to be eligible to take part in this option.

Employment Restrictions:

Summer Work Travel Participants may not accept jobs in the following categories: camp counselors, au pairs/nannies, domestic housekeepers or caregivers, pedicab workers, drivers, fishery workers, door to door sales where you may be required to invest your own monies for inventory, adult entertainment or any other position that would look unfavorably on the program or would restrict a Participant’s ability to engage in cultural exchange.  All employment must be submitted to and approved by an ACES representative.  Participants are subject to the summer work travel eligibility dates as determined by their own home country.


The program permits and encourages participants to remain in the United States and to travel for up to 30 days after the program end date. HOWEVER, participants are limited to the total amount of time officially established by the university as summer break, even if they graduated. Should a Participant enter the US prior to their contract date or travel after their contract date, they are responsible for any and all arrangements and associated costs.