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CampStaffUSA is a technology-based site developed to bring US summer camp employers and interested camp staff together. CampStaffUSA provides Recruiter with storage of applicant information and documentation, tracking of applicant progress, generation of employer CV view, invitation for attendance in virtual fairs, distribution of job offers, communication of application travel, etc.

Recruiter understands that CampStaffUSA is not a sponsor. Recruiter must have signed partnership agreements with a Department of State designated sponsor to facilitate the needed exchange visitor visa.  


Recruiter must be eligible to recruit potential J1 exchange visitors in their home country, must have signed agreements with affiliated J1 sponsors, and must read and accept CampStaffUSA terms and conditions as set forth prior to accessing the CampStaffUSA system.


All candidates entered into the CampStaffUSA application system must be screened and eligible for participation in the Summer Work Travel and Camp Counselor programs for which they are interested in applying. All applicants, regardless of program must not have a known background of criminality or abuse of the American immigration laws and must be of good health.

Recruiter will ensure that all applicants will have provided information in a truthful manner and will have submitted all of the required documentation for the visa category for which they are applying for participation. Recruiter acknowledges that any applicants found to have submitted false or deceptive information for the purposes of gaining acceptance may be subject to program dismissal and will not be entitled to any refund of fees.

Recruiter will ensure that applicants entered into the system are not dually enrolled in any other site or with an agency that would provide US employment or J1 visa sponsorship without prior consent of CampStaffUSA. Recruiter is liable for financial loss associated with noncompliance at full program rates outlined by sponsor agreement.


Upon determining program eligibility, Recruiter will insure that each applicant understands and agrees to program terms and conditions. Recruiter must review and approve applications to make them available for employer viewing. Recruiter may only approve candidates with complete applications and required document uploads.

An application is considered complete when the Recruiter have confirmed that:

  • Biographical information is correct and checked against the applicant’s passport
  • All application sections are answered in detail and are relevant to the program category selected
  • Experience explanations are relevant to the positions or skilled areas that were selected and relevant to camp work
  • Information is presented with correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization
  • All required documentation is uploaded (in pdf format.)
    • Photograph of participant (individual and appropriate photo)
    • Interview notes supplied by Recruiter. – (Electronic version available)
    • Copy of passport biographical page (valid for at least 6 months after the end of program).
    • 3 signed and dated, verifiable written references (In English and not more than 16 months old from date of application) – (Electronic versions available.)
    • Proof of Student Status, (mandatory only for the Summer Work Travel Program)
    • 2-3 Minute Video introduction or Photo Collage with Personal Narrative (not required, but highly recommended)

Applicants may be contacted by a CampStaffUSA representative, an accounts manager or a camp considering them for employment for an additional interview via Skype or telephone.  

When a job offer is accepted, Recruiter will ensure that each applicant begins the process to obtain (if not already obtained).

  1. Medical Screening (Vaccinations and Good Health),
  2. A copy of a criminal background check results (original and English translation when necessary),

Following issuance of forms DS2019, Recruiter will update the application for each candidate with the following:

  1. Embassy interview date/s
  2. Embassy results

Following visa approval, Recruiter will assist participant with scheduling of flight ensuring the flight dates are compliant with program rules and regulations and will schedule a pre-departure orientation.

  1. Pre-departure orientation with declaration of completion signed and uploaded into the participant profile, and
  2. Flight details.


The CampStaffUSA system permits employers to extend system generated job offers electronically by email. Recruiter will receive a copy of this job offer. Applicants can accept or refuse job offers, however, alternate job offers are not guaranteed. Applicants must understand that employment offers will be pending a clear criminal record and medical screening if they are not already submitted prior to job offer. Camps may require that a camp specific employment contract be signed in lieu of or in addition to the electronic version. Contents of a camp issued contract will be considered the formal contract and will override system-generated contracts.

In accepting a job offer, Recruiter will emphasize the importance of respecting the agreement made with the employer regarding start and end dates, schedule, dress code, etc.

J1 sponsors reserve the right to cancel the Exchange Visitor Program of any applicant based on criminal record results, medical screening or any other information that the sponsor determines to be detrimental to the program.


Upon receipt of employment acceptance and confirmation from Recruiter that applicable program fees have been collected, applicant information and job offer will be electronically transferred to the affiliated sponsor for review. Upon approval, the sponsor will draft forms DS2019, will confirm accuracy with Recruiter and will then issue and forward to Recruiter forms DS2019. A letter of support is available for download in the CampStaffUSA system upon sponsor issuance of forms DS 2019.


Recruiter is responsible to update and/or to follow up to ensure that the applicant has updated his/her record in the CampStaffUSA system to accurately account for a Participant’s status and progress including embassy appointment date, embassy results, travel details and cancellation of program.


CampStaffUSA is authorized by affiliated sponsors to invoice recruiters for fees as outlined in sponsor agreed terms. Recruiter is responsible for payment of all fees as outlined and agreed and to make prompt payment.


Recruiter Agreement: 

This Recruiter Agreement must be signed by the owner of the recruiting agency or a representative authorized by the owner of the agency. Each page must be initialed to confirm complete understanding and commitment to the contractual agreement. Amendments to this agreement can only be made through the written consent of both parties.

Participant Terms and Conditions

All Participants must read, understand and agree to the specific program terms and conditions at the time of application. Recruiter agrees to go over terms and conditions as well as any other sponsor required information as requested by the sponsor to ensure understanding.      

Cancellation of Agreement

Either party may cancel this agreement with sixty days' written notice. However, in the event of agreement cancellation, all entries into the CampStaffUSA system and job offers made through the system are subject to this agreement. CampStaffUSA and the Recruiting Agency will remain responsible for fulfilling their responsibilities to the participants as outlined in this agreement.


CampStaffUSA assumes no financial responsibility for the acts of the participants, whether willful or negligent. CampStaffUSA is not responsible, financially or otherwise, for changes in contractual agreement due to employer circumstances, economic changes or participant actions.

An agreement by both parties to the contents of this document shall be construed under the laws of the State of Florida, USA. This Agreement is not valid until all required documentation is received and approved by CampStaffUSA. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with CampStaffUSA, the relationship of the parties or the interpretation or breach of any agreements shall be determined solely in arbitration conducted in the United States in accordance with the then existing rules of the American Arbitration Association.

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